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I have studied Japanese for over 12 years, and taught it for nearly 8! My first and only job has been teaching, translating and interpreting Japanese. My greatest passion in life is language learning, and my biggest goal is to make language learning easy for others.

For a long time, I've heard the same thing as people stepped into my classroom.  Learning Japanese in Australia is incredibly confusing - there’s plenty of apps, with random words and confusing kanji. Language schools are expensive with restrictive timetables. Do you start with vocabulary? How do you know if you're pronouncing it right? Where do you even begin?

So, I decided to make it easy. Learning the Japanese language needs to be individualised, it needs to be practical, flexible, and most of all it needs to be enjoyable.

 That’s why I created the Japanese online courses that you can see right here! My course will guide you through the content, and all the how-to’s of grammar. There are exercises and tips & tricks throughout!

 Then, you can meet me here for your one on one personal hour of tuition. I’ll be your tutor, and I can take you through any of the tricky bits you encountered through the week. If there’s anything you need to practice, review, or talk about I will help sort it out.

With progress trackers, tons of extra support and video tutorials, you can join hundreds of people across Australia by clicking below. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Let's Get FLUENT

My online Japanese courses have helped hundreds of people in Australia to fast-track their progress in Japanese. Each Japanese course has been comprehensively designed around exactly what you need to succeed in speaking and understanding Japanese. Together, we'll make learning Japanese simple. 

15 minute lessons, 5 times a week, for 12 weeks. 

Japanese online Language program designed to learn Japanese quickly with an online Japanese tutor. There is also Japanese language classes where you learn how to speak japanese including package of 6 Japanese online lessons with a Japanese apps Learn to speak japanese Japanese language course Online Japanese tutor
Image of a Japanese online calendar for an Language program designed to learn Japanese quickly with an online Japanese tutor. There is also Japanese language classes where you learn how to speak japanese including package of 6 Japanese online lessons with a Japanese apps Learn to speak japanese Japanese language course Online Japanese tutor

Japanese Language Course (For Beginners)

$68.00 Regular price $350.00

Beginner Japanese Online Course

Begin your journey to writing, reading and speaking Japanese with Aimee. Learn about different components of the Japanese language including hiragana and katakana. Check-in with Aimee for tailored 1-on-1 lessons.

Learn what's included in this course...

What The Programs Include

Guide Book

My 800-page Japanese course Ebook is perfect for beginners! It is written with simple written explanations, tons of practice sheets and exercises, and real life examples.

Video Tutorials and Explanations

Short videos accompany every chapter of the E-book that provide another explanation of key topics. Hear spoken Japanese and practice along.

Online Lessons

Throughout the program, you will have 6 personalised 1 on 1 online lessons with me. You can use this time to practice, clarify any confusion and ask any questions you need. 

Support & Accountability

Create lasting habits with fortnightly online lessons, weekly motivational emails and 24-hour email support. We also have habit trackers, leading language learning techniques and motivation.

Customised Flash Card Decks

Each lesson includes a range of support materials, including an integration with flash card apps that help you learn the right vocabulary at the right time.

Access to a Private Community of Learners

Receive access to a private Facebook page to meet other learners, share progress and join a community of likeminded people.


Read what some of my students have had to say!

Arturo S

I had a ton of random experience in Japanese. From apps to some high school education. I knew some words, hiragana and a few kanji. Aimee helped me put all that together. I did book 2 and 3 and it was easy and clear to understand

Annette L

I have to say a huge thank you to Aimee. Without her, my daughter would not have gotten through Japanese this year and passed. 
Aimee’s dedication and patience got my daughter through some very stressful times, and she always looked forward to Aimee’s sessions. They gave her confidence to front up to her classes each week, strategies on how to deal with the tough stuff and helped her so much with understanding the content.
I cannot speak highly enough of Aimee and again truly thank her for everything.

Julie K

My daughter (age 15) wanted to study Japanese for years, but there was no available Japanese education in Toowoomba. Eventually, we found Aimee and started doing online lessons. We are so incredibly happy. Aimee is great at explaining things in a short and simple way. 

Personalised Tuition

I also offer personalised 1 hour sessions! Meet with me for a private one on one lesson. Private lessons are great for:

- Extra help with the courses

- High-school aged students who need specific help with homework, assignments or course work

- Students looking for fast-tracked progress

- People getting ready for a specific travel date

- Business-use Japanese for a specific industry

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