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4 Ways To Practice Speaking Japanese

So, you’ve read your reading materials, you’ve written until your hands hurt and you’ve watched a once-unimaginable-amount of anime. Now, you’re stopping in the street after over-hearing a stranger speaking Japanese, wondering if it would be weird to stop and chat with them.

In order to stop you from pestering strangers, I compiled a list of ways to practice speaking that I used in my Japanese learning journey. 

Ask yourself “why” questions. 

    “Why do I study Japanese?” “Why do I like avocado on toast?” “Why am I asking these questions?!” The reason these 'why-questions' work so well? I'm actually recommending that you ask yourself questions that have long-from explorative answers. You should be looking at answering questions with personal, in-depth, and real answers. You’re going to be forcing yourself to create sentences and form speech that is different from the unimaginative  "Sally went to the bakery" type sentences. The weirder the better- practice answering the question “why”, and you’ll be prepared for any questions you might get asked in the future. 

    Use online resources for meeting people.

       No- I'm not talking about popular apps like the one starting with a “t” and ending with “inder’. Specifically, I mean apps that specialize in connecting language learning for the purpose of practice. I love “hello-talk”. Most of the apps I have come across are free to sign up and they connect you with people all over the world who want to practice and show off their new-found language skills. 

      Head to a Japanese restaurant

        This is the place to practice ordering in your new language. Who knows? You might even end up in a fascinating conversation with the wait staff. If you fail miserably- in the worst-case scenario, you know that the wait staff can still speak English, and ... sushi?! Win-win guys. 

        Request a conversation practice lesson with me!

        Well.. what else do you think they are for? Don’t be shy, just ask me to focus our hour on a conversation - we can simply practice having a chat. I'll really put you through your paces, and best of all, I definitely won’t laugh at your mistakes.

        At Japanese With Aimee (JWA), I offer language programs designed to simplify learning Japanese. 

        The programs will guide you through the content, and all the how-tos of grammar. There are exercises and tips & tricks throughout! Then, you can meet me here for your one on one personal hour of tuition. I’ll be your tutor, and I can take you through any of the tricky bits you encountered throughout the week. If there’s anything you need to practice, review, or talk about I will help sort it out. With progress trackers, tons of extra support and a huge community of hundreds of learners, you can join hundreds of people across Australia by clicking below.

        I can’t wait to meet you!


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