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How To Learn Any Language

If you want to learn a new language online, the internet can become an overwhelming place full of language learning information. If you want to learn Japanese online, there are a few guidelines to help you with your Japanese language goal setting!


Get committed

Set clear goals and be really honest about what you want to achieve. If your personal will isn’t strong enough (and if I’m looking at our own gym attendance this year, I can confirm it is not), then commit to other people. Book a travel date to a country where the language is spoken (even if it’s 2 years in the future). Tell every person you meet that you are studying the language (yes, tell your friends! Let them know. They’ll be excited, I promise.)


Get excited

Involve yourself in the culture behind the language. It’s time to visit new restaurants, watch tv & movies with subtitles on, attend cultural events and festivals, and plan your next trip. Nothing is more motivating than surrounding yourself with people who already speak the language that you will one day speak too.


Get honest

Becoming fluent in 3 or 4 months is not a realistic, honest goal. (I’m sorry!) Honestly, I wish it was that simple. The speed of how fast you will learn a language will actually depend on a long list of factors. For example, do you have previous experience in studying languages? How many hours a week can you really commit to distraction-free language study? What kind of language are you planning to study? For English-native speakers, it is much easier to pick up a Latin-based language (like the French, or Italian language). Give yourself time. At Japanese With Aimee (JWA), I really suggest 12 months for true conversational ability and up to 18 months for some degree of natural fluency.


Get smart

The internet is an entire world of information. Sifting through things can be completely overwhelming. Start with common words, easy sentences, and simple phrases. Have you ever heard that every language has between 500 and 1000 common words that make up 90% of the spoken language? This is completely true. In fact, most of my students over the years have seen the best success by keeping their studies consistent and small. 15 minutes a day, in combination with common words and grammar. In order to learn any language, it's important not to overcomplicate your study plan. Keep it simple, focus on common words and common grammar. 


Get support

Learning languages can be tricky. It’s important to create groups of people around you that understand the trials that you will be experiencing. You can grab a friend to study with you (creating great accountability, and also a conversation partner later on), you can join local meetups of language learners, or you can simply use Japanese With Aimee’s established community of online students. Getting connected with people around you will help you to build up your motivation, it will keep you accountable, and it will help expose you to vocabulary and topics that you might not have previously thought of.


Alongside our community of students, I also have 24/7 support, weekly motivation emails, and the ability to book an online virtual lesson with me (the actual author of the book) to discuss any sticky bits that you need help with. It’s the most direct and simple way to get personalized support with your online Japanese language study.  My online language tuition lessons will run you through simple, easy to manage conversations until you grasp the confidence to tackle conjugations and complicated articles. 


Make the entire process simple becoming a part of the Japanese With Aimee team. My programs will make you fluent in Japanese by providing a comprehensive Japanese language learning course. I will recreate an immersion experience by providing real human interaction at every single step of the way. While I can’t fly you to Japan to hang out with the locals, I can offer 15-minute simple explanations, immersive video libraries, concise and important Japanese vocab flashcard apps, and one on one personalized lessons. My self-directed online course and tuition will keep you accountable and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

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