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Language Learning Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Maybe you are getting started as a beginner language learner, or maybe you’re onto your fourth language, every student can use a couple of language hacks. 

The Flash Card Hack

Carry flashcards with you EVERYWHERE. These things are gold. It is irrelevant if you’ve printed these words, handwritten them, or keep them electronically – just get them, and keep them with you. If you’re waiting for the bus, killing time in a waiting room, or waiting for the microwave to finish, you can flick through your flashcards for a total of 60 seconds. Flashcards are the language learners’ secret weapon when it comes to memory retention and fast vocabulary building. The language hack here is being constantly exposed to the words and vocabulary that you’re currently focusing on. This means you will build up a better long-term memory over time.

The Foreign Media Hack

The secret to language learning lies in how often you are exposed to the language. You will build up hours of listening and understanding with media. There is TV shows and movies, podcasts, radio, and video games. If you don’t have the time for that, you can always change the default language on your phone or computer for a couple of hours. Did you know that Google is also different in every country? This means you should try using your foreign languages google and sifting through those search results.

The Sneaky Vocab Hack

Keep vocabulary lists handy, and by handy, I mean on the back on the toilet door. This also includes sticking them to the outside of the shower glass, in your car glove compartment, and all around the house. You will have to swap your shower singing time for pronunciation practice, but it is totally worth it. This is similar to the way I use flashcards. Having constant reminders of vocabulary and forcing yourself to say them out loud, creating exposure and repetition – that’s where the magic is. In short, all that language practice is bound to add up, right?

The Familiar Vocab Hack

Get familiar with vocab that’s familiar. Why even bother learning anatomical vocabulary if you’re never going to use it? This means that sifting through sheets of vocabulary that doesn’t appeal to you is nearly pointless. Instead, take a list of words you want to learn to a trusted translator or tutor.

Get a personalised tutor

Getting a personal tutor is one of the biggest language hacks listed here. Hiring a personal tutor can be a tricky decision to make, as finding one in your state may require trawling through places like Gumtree or other classifieds, sifting through photos and comparing experience manually. Although a personal tutor might be difficult to find, a good tutor will be the difference between it taking 6 months and 3 years in the way you learn. Language tutors can break down the process into manageable, simple steps.

Make the entire process simple becoming a part of the Japanese With Aimee team. My programs will make you fluent in Japanese by providing a comprehensive Japanese language learning course. I will recreate an immersion experience by providing real human interaction at every single step of the way. While I can’t fly you to Japan to hang out with the locals, I can offer 15-minute simple explanations, immersive video libraries, concise and important Japanese vocab flashcard apps, and one on one personalised lessons. My self-directed online course and tuition will keep you accountable and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

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