About Aimee

What is JWA?

Hello! My name is Aimee! Nice to meet you! I have studied Japanese for over 10 years, and taught it for nearly 5! My first and only job has been teaching, translating and interpreting Japanese.

I wrote the guide books that you see here on Japanese With Aimee through years of teaching the language. My guide books were curated around what I wish I had while I was learning, but also what I have found people needed in order to make the most progress in their language learning journey. 

I’ve always been inspired to create something that provided all the things I wish I had when I was introduced to learning Japanese.

Japanese tutor Aimee sitting at a white desk with a computer which she uses to teach and Online Japanese Learn Japanese Free Learn to speak japanese Japanese language course Online Japanese tutor
Japanese with Aimee is a website dedicated to helping people learn Japanese Online Japanese Learn Japanese Free Learn to speak Japanese with Aimee Japanese language course Online Japanese tutor

How Did I Begin?

I LOVED studying Japanese, for a million reasons, from the insanely beautiful and complex culture, to the movies, music and anime, to simply enjoying the process of learning to write in kanji. I didn't get to study Japanese in school, and most of my early progress came from a textbook that I borrowed from my local library. For a long time, I learnt Japanese by waking up at 5am to catch the Japanese news on SBS, and reading old and confusing textbooks.

I started teaching Japanese to children and people I knew while I was completing my bachelors. At the time I was studying finance (what?) and my side gig quickly became the light of my life. I would leave uni racing to get to my next class. After I finished university, I became a full time Japanese tutor, translator and interpreter. I threw parties and events for celebrating the Japanese language, and held workshops with over 50 people. I began teaching other tutors how to design courses, and since then have taught hundreds of people in Brisbane and across Australia.

Japanese online Language program designed to learn Japanese quickly with an online Japanese tutor. There is also Japanese language classes where you learn how to speak japanese including package of 6 Japanese online lessons with a Japanese apps
Aimee the Japanese tutor teaching Japanese on a laptop, Online Tutor Online Tuition One on one tutor Personal tutor Home tutor Languages online Language learner Polyglot Language community learn a new language

Throughout this journey, I have designed a life that I love, simply because I am helping people achieve real results. I've been helping people of all ages (4-85) embrace learning in a completely different way. We are cutting straight to the most important part of language learning, without all the fluff. I am helping people to converse in one of the most challenging languages in the world in under a month.

This led me to eventually creating a guide book that works alongside my lessons. I realised that if I moved online, I could reach more people, and help students Australia-wide speak, write, read and understand Japanese.

I’ve truly poured my heart and soul into this, and can't wait to help you get started.